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Are you ready for
the adventure of GSG life?

Life at GSG is always exciting and adventurous. Jumping into a new culture can be a daunting task, but with GSG you are making that fantastic jump along with a group of diverse individuals who have a great passion for adventure and challenge.

Take a look at office life within GSG


GSG provides exposure
to truly international projects

Project Milestone 2015~2016 of
Alonso Guzman in GSG
(GSG ‘15, Duke)

"During my first year, I visited eight different countries
during three separate international business trips to understand
market needs and develop a market entry strategy"

Outside of the office, there is an endless
variety of activities and events

  • Traveling around Asia’s top touristic spots

  • baseball

  • biztrip

  • India Mobile Channels

  • India RD Celebration

  • Enjoying outdoor activities

  • Mountain hiking

  • Seoulfest

  • Taekwando class

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GSG sponsors
a myriad of
social options

  • team events

    Company-sponsored sporting events
    Periodically, the GSG team likes to step away from project work to attend local sporting events in Seoul. Baseball is extremely popular in Seoul and there is a large stadium just a short subway ride from the office. There is a Samsung-owned baseball team, called the Lions, which we particularly like to cheer for when they are in town! We have also attended Korean Basketball League and e-Sports (competitive video game) events outside of the office.
  • Basketball Club

    Basketball Club
    The GSG basketball team gets together on Monday evenings to play full-court basketball games at a sport center located just a few blocks from the office. All experience and skill levels are welcome. Occasionally, games against teams formed from other Samsung groups are organized for additional competition. It's a great way to get some excercise and get to know the office better.
  • Year end party

    Year end party
    The GSG Year-end Party is an annual event organized by GSG members to celebrate the group's accomplishments and to recognize our people. The event involves a formal dinner, charity auction and a talent show, with each year having its own exciting new theme.
  • GSG Football Club

    GSG Football Club
    GSG Football Club, established in 2012, plays 11-v-11 matches regularly on Sunday mornings at a field just 2 blocks away from the office. We arrange friendly games with various Samsung affiliate company teams, squads from Gangnam district schools, and local area amateur teams. Our club’s 30+ players consists of current GSGers, alumni, and friends/spouses. Apart from playing football, we arrange team dinners and after-game drinks to socialize among each other and with our alumni. The team is open to all skill and fitness levels. Come join us on the field!
  • Cycling Club

    Cycling Club
    The GSG cycling club organizes rides on the weekend to explore Seoul and surrounding areas, everything from 30 kilometer strolls to 70 kilometer rides, or even participating in events of more than 100 km. All levels of experience are welcome, from beginners that rent bikes, to former semi-professional bikers. Most importantly: Korea is great for biking. There are hundreds of bike-paths throughout the country, and even within the city there are perfect bike-only roads all along the Han River.