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Who we are looking for

We look for MBAs with diverse backgrounds and global perspectives who can thrive in a team-based, dynamic business environment.

Who we are looking for

  • Global Perspective
    Global Perspective
    Capable of understanding global business issues
  • Teamwork
    Thrives in a group setting - flexible, open-minded, patient
  • Global Citizen
    Global Citizen
    Embraces risks, seeks new experiences, and is adaptable
  • Diversity
    Has diverse industry, functional and market perspectives
  • Global Citizen
    Career Mindset
    Can articulate long-term career interest in the company and relevant business sector
  • Diversity
    Proven Leadership
    Able to articulate a clear vision, influence others to support change, and be accountable for delivering on that vision


The qualifications required for the position of Global Strategist are:

  • 01

    MBA from a top-tier business school or phD from a top-tier university who applies through on-campus recruiting or within one year of graduation

  • 02

    Minimum three years professional experience within a relevant industry

  • 03

    Superior analytical & problem-solving skills

  • 04

    Fluency in English
    (other language proficiency is a plus)

  • 05

    Proven ability to lead & work in teams

  • 06

    Openness to cultural diversity