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Affiliate Companies


Our electronics companies make both the electronic gadgets that everyone wants; as well as the small pieces that run the world’s technology--from the components in our PCs and mobile phones, to green batteries, and behind-the-scenes IT solutions.

  • Samsung Electronics

    Samsung Electronics leads the global digital market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media through innovative, reliable products and services, talented people and a relentless pursuit of discovery.

  • Samsung Display

    Samsung Display is a global leader in the display industry, realising unimaginable technologies based on the best technical skills that bring LCD & OLED to small-medium and extra-large products.

  • Samsung SDI

    Samsung SDI takes the lead in the development of new energy solutions by manufacturing the world’s leading secondary cell products, PV and ESS (Energy Storage Systems).

  • Samsung Electro-Mechanics

    Samsung Electro-Mechanics produces high-tech integrated components of electronics and mechanical devices that use the invisible but incredible power to move the world.

  • Samsung SDS

    Samsung SDS is an information and communication technology (ICT) service provider offering innovative products that help make the world a smarter and more convenient place.

  • Samsung Corning Advanced Glass

    Samsung Corning Advanced Glass is leading electronic material industry by producing OLED glass substrates and sputtering targets.


Machinery & Heavy Industries

Machinery & Heavy Industries division handles diverse projects that include shipbuilding, engineering and construction, wind power, and power and control systems.

  • Samsung Heavy Industries

    Samsung Heavy Industries, the world leader in shipbuilding and offshore development, pioneers new technologies and industry-leading services across various industry sectors including high-value shipbuilding, energy solutions and power and control systems.

  • Samsung C&T Engineering Construction Group

    Samsung C&T Corporation a leading global engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company, offers industry-leading value with advance technological expertise and experience across architecture, civil engineering, and plant and housing development.

  • Samsung Engineering

    Samsung Engineering is a leading engineering, procurement, construction and project management specialist for global markets.


Financial Services

Samsung's financial services companies, serving customers in Korea, include insurance, investments and credit card businesses.

  • Samsung Life Insurance

    Samsung Life Insurance is South Korea's largest insurance company with top consumer ratings, and prides itself on being a life-long partner to its policy holders.

  • Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance

    Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance offers globally competitive insurance policies and services across regions including the U.S., Europe, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Korea.

  • Samsung Card

    Samsung Card is an integrated financial service company that promotes healthy spending and everyday convenience, providing lifestyle privileges that enhance the quality of its customers' lives.

  • Samsung Securities

    Samsung Securities, the leading Korean financial investment company, provides asset management service to individual investors through market-leading products and solutions, while providing the best brokerage service to institutional investors based on competitive research and IT capabilities.

  • Samsung Asset Management

    Samsung Asset Management, Korea's leading investment management company, specializes in investment trust & mutual fund management, advisory and related products and services.

  • Samsung Venture Investment

    Samsung Venture Investment, a venture capital firm, actively invests in future-oriented businesses across a variety of industries, providing a comprehensive solution, which includes not only investment funds but also management support, technical support and market registration.


Services & Others

Among Samsung’s other affiliates are companies that offer professional services, develop textiles and serve industries such as hospitality and tourism.

  • Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group

    Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group strives to expand growth businesses under the strategy of "select and focus" to secure competitiveness in both trading and organizing.

  • Cheil Industries

    Cheil Industries strives to help its customers lead fulfilling lives and achieve success in their busienss operations by building the infrastructure for every aspect of life including entertainment, culinary, and business.

  • The Shilla Hotels & Resorts

    The Shilla Hotels and Resorts is a leader in the hospitality industry, providing award-winning service and unparalleled customer experience.

  • Cheil Worldwide

    Cheil Worldwide is a global advertising company that provides both practical solutions and groundbreaking ideas for clients.

  • S-1 Corporation

    S-1 Corporation, a pioneer in professional security, combines state-of-the-art IT technologies with security expertise.

  • Samsung Economic Research Institute

    Samsung Economic Research Institute, Korea's largest private think tank, provides analysis on macroeconomic development, global issues, technology & industry trends, public policy, human resources and management issues.

  • Samsung Medical Center

    Samsung Medical Center is a patient-centered hospital leading the medical community in providing top patient care, advanced medical research and medical personnel training and development.

  • Samsung Biologics

    Samsung Biologics develops and manufactures high-quality biopharmaceutical products with the aim of increasing the accessibility and affordability of existing medicines and delivering breakthrough medicines to patients around the world.

  • Samsung Bioepis

    Samsung Bioepis is devoted to contributing to the development of the pharmaceutical industry and human health through its creation of affordable and high-quality biopharmaceutical and biosimilar products.

  • Samsung Welstory

    Samsung Welstory delivers innovative food service experiences that enrich people's health lives through customer commitment and quality of service.