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Career Growth


Typical Career Progression

All new members join as Global Strategist for two years, before transitioning into one of Samsung’s affiliates as a Line Manager or Strategic Staff

Professional Experience+Career
  • Year 0
  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
  • Year 5
Global Strategy Group
Join as Global Strategist
Assigned to a wide range of projects with internal clients
A small team of Engagement Managers, Principals, and Principals supervise Global Strategists on projects
Line Manager
Experience roles in strategy, marketing and new business development
Strategic Staff
Experience roles in corporate strategy, M&A, and partnership
Line Manager Overseas
Pursue other international opportunities after initial assignment in South Korea
Strategic Staff in South Korea
Pursue Strategic Staff Leader roles in South Korea
Strategic Staff Overseas
Pursue Strategic Staff Leader roles overseas
South Korea
Overseas or South Korea

Career Paths

GSG prepares leaders for multiple career paths at Samsung. During his/her tenure at GSG, GSs will develop a robust industry and functional acumen to prepare them for their next role at Samsung. There are two main transition paths after two years at GSG: Line Manager or Strategic Staff.

  • Global Strategy Group

    All new members join Global Strategy Group as Strategists for two years. See more profiles in Meet Our People.

    • Carl Nordenberg
      Carl Nordenberg (GSG 12, Wharton)Principal
      Leads strategy projects for the consumer electronics and mobile divisions of Samsung Electronics, focusing on retail, channel management, and emerging markets
      Global Strategist
      Engagement Manager
      Associate Principal
    • Clare Hunter
      Clare Hunter (GSG 15, Kellogg)Associate Principal
      Responsible for supervising GSG projects with focus on competitive and growth strategy, new business development, and sustainability for consumer electronics
      Global Strategist
      Engagement Manager
      Associate Principal
  • Line Manager

    GSs transition to the affiliate’s business HQ in South Korea after two years at GSG. After a few years in a line management role in South Korea, members transition to one of Samsung’s overseas offices to integrate the local management team.

    • Dave Das
      Dave Das (GSG 03, Kellogg) Senior Vice President / Samsung Electronics America Home Entertainment Mkt.
      Responsible for all Samsung television product marketing in United States

      TV, Semicon, and Marketing projects (03-05)

      Line Manager

      SEC HQ, TV Marketing (05-06)

      Overseas Transition

      NAHQ (SEA subsidiary), Home Entertainment Marketing (06-Present)

    • Geoffrey Masterson
      Geoffrey Masterson (GSG 15, HBS)Senior Manager / Samsung Biologics US
      Responsible for business development for Samsung Biologics in US

      Strategy Projects (15-16)

      Line Manager

      Biologics Korea - Business Innovation (17-18)

      Overseas Transition

      Biologics US - Business Development (19-Present)

  • Strategic Staff

    A GS can also join one of the Samsung headquarters organizations, including the Corporate Strategic and Planning Team, Samsung Ventures, Samsung M&A team, and Human Resources and typically work on strategy, planning, and business development roles. Similar to the Line Managers, Strategic Staff spend two years within GSG before they transition to a corporate function. After two years in a corporate function in South Korea, Strategic Staff can either remain further in South Korea or transition into an overseas office.

    • Yohan Zondak
      Yohan Zondak (GSG 11, Darden) Director / Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia Mkt.
      Responsible for Marketing Planning for all Samsung products in Southeast Asia

      Strategy projects (11)

      Strategic Staff

      Strategy & Business Development (11-15)

      Overseas Transition

      Samsung Electronics Southeast Market (15-Present)

    • YVanessa Wang
      Vanessa Wang (GSG 14, INSEAD)Senior Professional, Samsung Venture China
      Responsible for venture capital investment activities in China

      Strategy projects (14-15)

      Strategic Staff

      Samsung Venture Korea (16-17)

      Overseas Transition

      Samsung Venture China - VC Investment (18-Present)

    • Andrea Soto
      Andrea Soto (GSG 16, Haas)Senior Professional, Samsung Device Solutions - System LSI
      Responsible for business development and strategy for System LSI

      Strategy projects (16-18)

      Strategic Staff

      System LSI Corporate Development (18-Present)