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Are you ready for
the adventure of GSG life?

Life at GSG is always exciting and adventurous. Jumping into a new culture can be a daunting task, but with GSG you are making that fantastic jump along with a group of diverse individuals who have a great passion for adventure and challenge.

Take a look at our life with GSG


GSG provides exposure
to truly international projects

Project Milestone 2018~2019 of
Linda Chelala in GSG
(GSG ’18,Booth)

“During my first year, I visited 5 different
countries in Europe and South America to help
Samsung set up new retail strategy”

Outside of the office, there is an endless
variety of activities and events

  • Traveling around Asia’s top touristic spots

  • Baseball game

  • Business trips

  • Offsite training

  • Project team dinners

  • Enjoying outdoor activities

  • Yoga retreat

  • Seoulfest

  • Taekwando class

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Come join us
in various
sports clubs

  • Tennis club

  • Basketball Club

  • Sqush club

  • E-sports club

  • Biking club