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How To Apply

Recruiting Process

  • Apply
    Step 01Apply

    As an MBA candidate, you should check your school's schedule for the established application deadline. As a first step, you will be asked to complete a supplemental application form to help us learn about you and your interest in the position.

    You will also need to provide your resume and a one-page cover letter.

  • Interview
    Step 02Interview

    Fit Interview
    The fit interview lasts about 40 minutes and gives you an opportunity to tell your story and showcase your fit with Samsung and GSG. You should articulate the reasons why you want to join Samsung and highlight relevant industry or functional experiences that make you a strong candidate for the position. The interviewer will ask questions related to your professional and educational background, including education, work experience, and area of interest or position.

    You are encouraged to share stories in the interview that build on core characteristics that we are looking for. During this interview, you may also be asked to state with which business within Samsung you would like to be affiliated. Please refer to this webpage for a better understanding of what "affiliation" means and the different business unit affiliations within GSG.

    Tips for Fit Interview

    During the fit interview, we hope to get to know you - how would you define yourself and what drives you? At the same time, we would like you to get to know us and gain a feel for Samsung. We want you to do well in this interview, so here's a hint: our first question is probably going to be around understanding your 'story'. Please be prepared to give a one to two minute version of what you have done and accomplished over the last few years. Two minutes is not a long time, so be efficient as you highlight your educational, professional, and extracurricular accomplishments. Please also include how these experiences have positioned you to thrive in a new and different environment.

    We expect you to come into the interview with a strong understanding of Samsung, GSG, and the affiliate in which you are interested. Here are three primary sources you can use to gather information. First, this website has most of the answers to questions you, as a candidate, may have. Second, the Samsung parent website is an excellent resource about the Samsung Group, including company financials, stated vision and objectives, and information about its affiliates. Finally, each target school has at least one school champion who will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

    Case Study Interview
    The case study interview is a 40 minute session that is similar to what you would experience during a management consulting interview. You will have 30 minutes to articulate how you would approach a business challenge given to you, including providing specific, executable recommendations. This part of the interview will test your analytical, quantitative, and communication skills. The last 10 minutes of the interview will be used to further explore your fit with Samsung and GSG.

    Group Case
    The group case will take about 50 minutes. After an initial 5 minute kick-off provided by your interviewers, you will be given 5 minutes to analyze a set of provided materials (that only you have been given) and then engage with a group for a 35 minute discussion to solve a business problem. At the end of this session, you will be given 5 minutes to provide a presentation on your findings to your interviewer. In addition to evaluating your business insights, this segment of the interview will test your communication skills and your ability to influence others, as well as your 'room presence' and how you think on your feet.

    Tips for Case Study and Group Case Interviews
    Case Study interview:

    - The format of the case study interview is very similar to those conducted by management consulting companies. After a brief introduction, you will very quickly dive into a business case. This case is prepared by GSG and typically encompasses a business challenge that Samsung has faced or is currently facing. These challenges vary widely in terms of industry, function, and region.

    - The main elements we are looking to evaluate are: i) the overall (MECE) approach/structure you take to evaluate the problem and generate solutions, ii) your ability to analyze any data provided and iii) your ability to synthesize insights and offer recommendations.

    - Make sure to outline an action plan at the end of the interview to help us understand how you would prioritize efforts to address the problem.

    Business Presentation interview

    - You will be provided with all the materials you need to contribute effectively to the group interview, at the start of the interview. Note that the materials each team member receives may not be identical - you may need to combine inputs from different team members to generate the correct conclusions. Take the time (~ 10 minutes) to read your provided materials carefully and make sure you can speak to their contents.

    - Your ability to influence others, listening skills, and teamwork will all be measured by the interviewer in the room. The interviewer will typically not be involved in guiding the group unless deemed necessary.

    - At the end of the interview, you will be provided with 10 minutes for a presentation of results. Be ready to defend your team's conclusions.

  • Offer
    Step 03Offer

    For the 2019 fall recruiting seasons, the offers to candidates interviewed is projected to be mid-November. The date is subject to change, and GSG cannot guarantee any early offers, but will try to accommodate where necessary