GSG Benefit

  • Support for Living Expenses
    Housing allowance
    Low tax rates
    Subsidized meals
  • Family Support
    Korean language support
    Tuition support for your children
  • Full Healthcare Coverage
    International health insurance
    World-class medical facilities
  • Additional Benefits
    Home leave ticket
    Completion payment
    Pension payment

Support for Living Expenses

  • Housing allowance

    Samsung provides housing in the city’s best neighborhoods

    • - Single
    • - Family

  • Low tax rates

    Current income tax is a flat 20.9% (As of 2022)

  • Subsidized meals

    Eat 3 meals a day in Samsung's Cafeteria

Family Support

  • Korean language support

    You and your spouse receive free Korean lessons 4x/wk

  • Tuition support for your children

    Receive tuition support for education in first-class international schools for children 4+ years old

Full healthcare coverage

  • International health insurance

    You and your family are fully insured by Cigna International

    Highlights of Cigna Envoy Policy
    Cigna received gold in the 2009 Gartner & 1to1 Customer Experience Excellence Award. The awards are given to the companies that "most clearly demonstrate exemplary customer relationship strategy and an unrivaled level of excellence in delivering the customer experience".
    Cigna also recently received the JD Power award for customer service for all of its call centers for the fourth time in a row.
    Included Benefits:
    International coverage for both in and out of network providers
    Vision Care
    Dental Care
    Life Insurance
  • Free medical check-ups

    Receive a full medical exam every two years

  • World-class medical facilities

    Excellent facilities with the latest medical technologies and highly-skilled, English-speaking doctors

Additional Benefits

  • Home leave ticket

    GSG's benefits package includes a home leave ticket after the completion of the first year of employment. The home leave ticket provides economy class transportation for the GS, spouse, and any dependents 2 years and older to visit family in the GS's or spouse's home town. After the GS’s contract is complete, employees are eligible for home leave tickets in each subsequent year.

  • Completion payment

    All members of GSG are entitled to additional compensation for successful completion of the employment contract. For each full year of employment, employees will be entitled to an amount equal to one month's salary. Upon leaving Korea, all funds will be disbursed to the employee.

  • Pension payment

    As employees in South Korea, all GS are automatically enrolled in the national pension scheme. A small amount (~$200) of the GS's monthly salary is deposited in the government pension program, with Samsung matching 100% of this contribution. Upon leaving Korea, employees can withdrawal all of the funds (both individual and corporate contributions) along with accumulated interest.

    * Receipt of pension payment is subject to mutual agreement between South Korea and employee's home country.